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Classic Glasses with Large Frames UV400 Protecting Dark Shades

Introduces a kind of big frame glasses with a small arc, and fit the face shape.


Large lenses with full frames cover a larger area of the face, the integrated nose bridge is short and delicate, it can fit the face closely with the arc of the frame.

If your face is small, please don't worry, these glasses will not fall off, it will better help you to play the role of sun protection.

If you think you're a little baby fat or have a big head, then you're on the right choice. These sunglasses will flatter your face even better.


We use high quality lens frame material, more durable. 


The lens has the characteristics of UV400 and polarizing function, that has a 99.99% filtering effect of harmful ultraviolet rays, better protection in strong sunshine. 

The UV400 lens effectively filters out the ultraviolet rays, while the polarizing function helps you get a better view of the bright light, effectively reducing the brightness. 

However, when wearing polarized sunglasses, please do not look at any electronic screen, which can make some people dizzy.

Polarized glasses are not good for ...

  • looking at LCD screens
  • fly an airplane
  • low-light situations and driving at night
  • people whose sight may be sensitive to how the lenses change lighting



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