Since 2008, PARZIN EYEWEAR has been committed to protecting the cute eyes of every user by adhering to the development path of both function and fashion.

Based on the UV400 protective film, we have added polarized sunglasses with anti-glare, not only for daily wear, but also for sports anti-slip glasses, ski goggles and so on.

We not only protect our eyes from strong ultraviolet rays, but also dabble in the use of blue light glasses, reading glasses, myopia glasses and other aspects.
From functionality to fashion charm, even during the epidemic, we devoted ourself to the research and development of fashion glasses and never gave up.



Customer Service
Free Replacement - If there is a quality problem with the eyewear purchased, you can directly ask us to solve.
Follow us - There are not only more new product recommendations, but also a variety of promotional information. (Check the QR code on the service card)
Attention 1 - PARZIN's sunglasses are designed to fit European and American faces, with most of the lenses over 60mm wide.
Attention 2 - Some of our sunglasses are equipped with polarized lenses. If you can not used to polarized lenses, please read the product description carefully and choose non-polarized shades.



Some products are shipped locally with USPS duration of 4-10 days;

Other products will be shipped from China and express delivery will take 7-14 days.



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